Leanback Digital LLC, (“Leanback”, “we”, or “us’), is committed to the safety of all constituents of our business.

This policy applies to buyers (“Buyer”) of advertising inventory (“Ad Inventory”) through the Leanback Digital platform, services and systems (the “Leanback Digital Platform”) and to all advertising material or content in any format and however delivered, together with related code and other material used for placement and display of such material or content on the Ad Inventory (“Advertisements”).

Buyer will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to it in connection with its purchase of Ad Inventory through the Leanback Digital Platform and will ensure that all Advertisements for which Buyer uses the Leanback Digital Platform comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and will not contain content that:

  • is misleading, deceptive or unethical
  • is libelous or defamatory
  • is obscene, sexual or pornographic in nature
  • encourages or promotes terrorism or violence
  • is firearms or weapons related
  • is hateful or discriminates against individuals based on race, gender, religion ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation
  • is illegal or promotes illegal activity
  • infringes on any third party’s intellectual property or other rights

Buyer will not and will not allow any of its advertiser and advertising network clients to:

  • introduce viruses or other malware to the Leanback Digital Platform
  • create either “forced visit” traffic or spyware/adware loading pages (including, in either case, popups or popunders) which load Advertisements
  • create invisible or nested invisible IFRAMEs loading pages which load Advertisements
  • use spyware/adware, load Advertisements invisible, stacks Advertisements or other mechanisms that create fraudulent impressions
  • reload/refresh any code causing multiple impressions to be registered in short succession
  • use the Leanback Digital Platform in a manner that damages the Leanback Digital Platform

Leanback Digital reserves the right to refuse or take down any Advertisements that do not comply with the foregoing requirements.